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A lot of credit goes to davidji for this period in my life. For those who do not know this man, let me introduce you. Davidji is a world-renowned spiritual teacher and meditation expert. He is a New York State native, and for many years of his life, spent summers in the Adirondacks near Paradox Lake. He attended Syracuse University during his college years and is no stranger to bluebird days and fluke snowstorms that drop three feet or more without warning. For about 20 years, he lived a fast-paced life working with business leaders and financial experts. en one day he had the profound realization that his life was moving in a new direction. He could no longer live that fast-paced life and knew it was time to shi gears. He began working with Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. David Simon for the next decade of his life, training more than 300,000 people to meditate, and certifying 2,500 people as meditation teachers at the famous Chopra Center in California. His meditation teachings eventually led him to Hay House Publishing, where he went on to write several highly successful books about the art of meditation. I was introduced to this man and his teachings when I was burning out in my own 9 to 5 routine, the question "Is this it?" loud in my head as I tried to push forward. But I was flailing and davidji's meditations gently placed me into the next part of my own life. In 2016, aer the birth of my second daughter, I was expanding on my meditation journey. It had been two years since I'd started my practice and I was well aware of the improvements that had taken place for me. One day, I learned that davidji was going to be holding a retreat at the Minnowbrook Conference Center in the heart of the Adirondacks, Blue Mountain Lake. Two of my favorite places— the Adirondacks and my home—were coming together with the meditation teacher who had so profoundly helped me. e 2016 Minnowbrook retreat was a huge pivotal point for me. In late August when the lakes are warm from the summer sun, and the pine needles blanket the ground, I arrived at this intimate retreat center. I was joined by 25 other meditation pioneers from all different walks of life. We spent four days and three nights immersed in spiritual and scientific talks. We meditated. We kayaked and played in the lake. We ate some of the best food we'd ever had. We laughed, cried, poured our hearts out on the table and were embraced by perfect strangers who became instant friends. It was an immensely healing weekend. I le Minnowbrook on a Sunday morning and it was as though a veil had been lied. I saw my husband, my two daughters—my path forward—in a completely new light. I felt an incredible peace. I felt happy. It's been six years since that experience. Recently the event coordinator at Syracuse University, Andrea Willis, announced that the day would come again. Davidji would return to Minnowbrook on August 18th through the 21st to host another small crew of spiritual warriors. He would be joined by Dr. Kushal Nanavati, a Western medical practitioner who integrates alternative medicine and nutritional wisdom to help his patients. And so it was time again to visit this place of spiritual and physical healing. I had the opportunity to speak with davidji about his return to Minnowbrook. His opening words to me were, "How have you been the past two years?" I thought to myself, "Oh, it's been much longer than two years since we spoke!" en I realized what he was referring to. e state of the world since the pandemic, and we immediately segued into my first question. 44

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